Stacy Morrison


FALLING APART IN ONE PIECE: One Optimist's Journey Through The Hell of Divorce

An emotionally charged story of a divorce that brought the surprising gift of grace.
(Simon & Schuster, 2010; paperback 2011)

"Candid and inspiring."—Kirkus Reviews

"In her wise memoir, Stacy Morrison chronicles her own divorce and arrives at some pithy conclusions."—O, the Oprah magazine

"Hopefulness is the main message of [this book], though the subtitle points to a different outcome."—The Wall Street Journal


I'd been a women's magazine editor for 16 years when my husband told me our marriage was over. At that point in my life, I'd probably edited, read, written or had otherwise taken part in the creation of no less than 1,000 articles about love, marriage, heartbreak, romance, sex and relationships—so imagine my surprise when my divorce turned out to be a completely different experience from what I'd expected:

     It was more about loss than anger.

     I was fighting to survive, not to win.

     I still cared deeply about my husband, even as he was hurting me.

     What mattered most is that I wanted to forgive him, and myself, the failure of our marriage.

And the biggest surprise? Everyone else all around me wanted to tell me why Chris and I didn't make it. Even if—especially if—they barely knew our story. It was their desire to keep the agony of divorce away from themselves, at whatever cost, that got me listening, in a deeper way, to all that I was living, beyond the heartache.

And wow, I really cried a lot.

So I decided to write this book, to show the ordinary and ugly truth of having your life turned upside-down by divorce, and then the ordinary and beautiful work of stepping away from the ugly and falling back in love with life, even after you've come to learn that everything in this world is fragile.

I had the thrill (and somewhat strange experience) of reading my book aloud for the audiobook recording, released by Tantor Books. Click HERE to have a listen.

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